How to sell a horse who is not use to ?

Many reasons lead us to sell our horse like moving, fear, and others. Anyway, this act can be considered a betrayal of the animal and to oneself. However, in most cases, there is no real choice. If you also find yourself in the same situation and need to sell your horse in the hope of selling it to someone who loves horses and does not mistreat, here are some tips that might be helpful.

The advice to sell his horse

Usually, when one wants to sell his horse, we also want to sell all the facilities that go with particular its fine used saddles. But for this, it will already know how.

First, the first thing to do is to find a fair price. If you're attached, which is important to find a buyer also passionate. Otherwise, you must consider price. The latter should nevertheless be reasonable according to the involved training, status, age, skills, conformation, personality, reproduction, color, weight, height, your mount and others. If you can, do not hesitate to ask advice from other people who have already sold their horses or professionals.

You must also provide a very good picture of your horse without any editing. You must be honest. The latter will be worth a thousand words and is perfectly Montreer accumulation and conformation of the horse. You do not need to cover the marks, wounds, cuts, scars. Remember to take another picture of your horse in action.

You have to put your ad in his bad habits just as good for your buyer to get an idea of ​​the horse he will welcome him home. You will also be regarded as a good person.

Do not miss to advertise with magazines, newspapers, online and put up posters everywhere. To do this, you should not hesitate to illuster your ad with a video example.

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