Find the best saddle brands on Equitack website !

Saddle buyers have become increasingly demanding. This is why manufacturers have made great efforts to meet the specific needs of each customer, both in terms of products and prices. The best offers can be found at one address: equitack.

Used bargains in used saddles

When talking about used saddle, equitack is a name that always comes back. Indeed, this company has specialized in the sale of first and second hand saddle. And these are not any stools. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that these are good opportunities of the big saddle labels in the world. If you want quality, do not zip the site Nowadays, new stools are no longer within reach of the majority, and equitack has found the right strategy to resell stools already used at competitive prices but of very good quality. In addition, these saddles are not only low-priced, they are also under warranty and to reassure customers of their purchases, the largest online company has developed a win-win system: the famous "satisfied or refunded What a bargain!

Who are the brands sold on equitack?

Equitack is a member of the prestigious Voltaire design group, the leading manufacturer of riding saddles. Their site presents all the available ranges of the major brands. German, French or American, all these types of saddles can be found on the website of online sale of this upholstery. Antarès, Butet, Voltaire, CWD and Devoucoux, as well as prestigious brands not found anywhere else than at equitack. It is no longer necessary to prove that the equipment of these brands is very robust. Their seat are made of durable and comfortable leather and their life span exceeds several years. In addition they offer several sizes and style of saddles suitable for all horse morphologies, and for riders of all ages. For used saddles these are really the top qualities and prices.

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