Horses equipments, watch out !

You have planned to simply train or hike with your horse, you know that it is essential to properly prepare before mounting. This step is essential to ensure your safety and that of your horse.

The hardware required to fully equip

To equip your horse, you will need the bridle, saddle whether a used french saddles or new, of the waist strap, saddle pads, shock absorber saddle of the comb, soft brush and of course the brush foot cure.

First, you need to brush your horse before curer and brush hooves. Then you need to ask the mat and seat cushion before putting the saddle itself and its strap. You must set the brackets, put the clamp and adjust the final amounts and under-throat.

To adjust the flange, you must first place the mods into the mouth of your horse and spend the ears in the headrest. Then, adjust the amounts of bite at the right height, the noseband, the sub-groove before adjusting the curb chain.

To flush and lubricate the horse's hoof, leg lifts his face by positioning the heel then start to take off the dirt along the iron walls. You now need to identify the lagoons without touching the fourcette then clean the hoof with your soft brush before removing fat brush over the entire plantar surface but also on the sides.

Practical advice

If you have never provided your horse, you should know that to do this, you are recommended to place you on the left side of your pet. You must clear the withers both of the latter of the carpet but also the pommel of the saddle. You are advised to verify the absence of like me on the saddle cloth while picking his hooves without touching the range both before and after being fitted to your horse. Remember to lubricate every day to prevent disease and injury and so protect hooves from drying or moisture. You also need well tighten the strap of the saddle after walking your horse to deflate his tummy.

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