Do you know the story of Jappeloup ?

This is the story of a modest French race horse that was not desestined to become a champion of show jumping. But miraculously, the horse, the not very good looks, became a hero of equestrian sport and became a reference in the field. This anecdote is frequently used as a reference to the different French manufacturing equestrian accessories.

The Antares saddle: description

The house Antares is a French manufacturer of high-end saddle horse. His reputation is now international and its use by the equestrian sport professionals also made it famous. Antares is one of the three largest producers of quality saddle France. Generally, it is custom, well suited to the middle of the horse and the morphology of the rider. You should know that the saddle is the first device that influences the performance of a horse racing or jumping. Artisanal basis, making the saddle is made entirely by hand. But with more production, only the finishes are handmade while manufacturing is outsourced. In addition, the leather used is well selected so that it lasts over time. The robustness and strength of the material are guaranteed. Big brands like Antares make the stool depending on their end use, so a special saddle for racing and another even more special for jumping.

The advantage of the french saddle

The antares saddles became a reference seat which is considered a factor in the high performance of the horse. As in the story of Jappeloup Luze who at the beginning is only a little messy horse, and with time turned into champion jumping. Antares wants to get the message of the perfection of his saddle can make an ordinary horse an extraordinary animal. Indeed, the life of the famous horse is known to everyone even internationally, and all dream to have such a horse, at least, why not, the accessories have the same origin. In any case, the legend of Jappeloup is here to stay.

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