How can you respond when your horse pull reins ?

You want to introduce your horse to pull? You must know that you need first is to ask the right questions. The majority of horses will heartily traction but it may be that some refuse to do it. It is then you need to let your fine used saddles and turn to the hitch and traction especially if your horse is fine to work on foot and mounted.

Start traction

To groom your horse pull, it is important that it be well educated first walk to work at halter in hand for the preparation easier. He must also know how to turn on the lunge and so work some long reins. The best would be the first used with a harness if you can take ith tests.

These are composed by desensitization to croupière ie make wearing a croupier to start. Then make a ground work without changing your habits. We must go step by step. There is also the desensitization traits and breeching especially on areas of the body such as thighs, buttocks and limbs. Eventually comes the voice commands with a working session with long reins or long guides by insisting on the orders that you should use as clearly as possible and your horse will be able to identify. Learning blinders come afterward. Your mount will then be able to stop and immobilize your application without having you in his field of vision and making you trust.

To get good results quickly, you must choose a person knowledgeable in the area of horses and their language to assist you. This would allow you to have more feeling and have good timing. To test the traction you need to place the harness in its entirety with the included features and boucleteaux that will be attached from the start. Your help will bring two big hooks to ropes.

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