I sell my horse, Sheratan and her saddle !

I intend to move in the coming months but it is not possible for me to keep my horse in the house I found. I have had since my childhood and I do not want to part with it. However, I have no choice. That's why I have to find someone who you would love to take care. Ideally horse enthusiasts like me who know how to take care and how to care.

Sheratan is very warm. She quickly established a relationship of trust with its owner. She respects and is very easy to train. She knows how to listen to you and knows how to satisfy you. She likes to be the brush carefully and that takes care of it as if it were his child. She is very affectionate and above all very tolerant.

My equipment

It is not necessary to say that in order to ride a horse, one must be well equipped to ensure the safety of the latter as well as your safety. To do this, the equipment must be of superior quality. For my part, I have a fine used saddle mixed ideal for any type of endurance or dressage. It is an all-terrain saddle allowing me to linger over.

I sell it with all my gear including my stirrup, the saddle cloth, my stirrup leather, flange and others. These are all quality materials that I got as a gift to my thirteenth birthday. These objects are of great sentimental value. I love that you take good care. I note that I have never had to change equipment. They defied time.

I count on you to take care of my peite Sheratan. It is simply perfect. She is wise and knows very well be your companion at all times. Sheratan for me not to buy. It is too valuable. This is why your price is mine.

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