The gold for the french horse ridders in Olympic Game !!

You should know that the equestrian raged for hundreds of years. Its attractions have evolved over time giving what it is today. This development is seen not only on the practice of riding in itself, but also its annexes as accessories. Currently, this practice has millions of members and this is easily explained by the benefits that riding brings. France is also among the countries that practice this activity and is even gold medal during the 2016 Olympic Games.

Horse riding: a passion become a discipline

The riding has become a passion over time. Clearly, this practice appeared in antiquity used especially transportation. Currently, it has become a must as sports and high class as entertainment. besides we shall see, many forms of this practice now if one quotes only the horse racing or horse shows. Also, professionals like active in the field making it more comfortable for practitioners. The comfort is waiting for you in the practice of this activity through the expertise of professionals and many accessories that litter riding. In any case, it will indulge at least once this practice in order to enjoy its benefits.

French's gold medal

Horseback riding is also one of many disciplines of the Olympic Games. The French team has achieved very good results at this level. Clearly, France got a gold medal and a silver medal. It is Astier Nicolas who made a flawless transition ensuring the best place on the podium for the French. This is the first gold medal that France bring in those games. Of course, Astier Nicolas also get the silver medal eventing after Germany. In addition, about Astier Nicolas, this is his first participation in the Olympics. It will be a great introduction to the world of the competition with great promise for the future.

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