Traveling in Mongolie with your horse...

Leave on the meeting of one of the last nomadic peoples for Mongolia among which the sense of the hospitality and temperament were forged by the most extreme living conditions. How about to ride with them for crossing the steppe? An extraordinary adventure temps. You will be surprised by the Mongolian horse, small, strong and fast, living in semi-liberty in the steppes of Mongolia.

The last Mongolian nomads

Mongolian nomads are doomed to disappear, victims of climate change and globalization. For a trip to Mongolia with your horse, take the trouble to travel with them and introduce you to the nomadic life to the desert Gobi and in wooded steppe Khentij.
Constant source of emotion, the Mongolian landscape engage in a wild nudity. The horizontality is perfect. Distances stretch beyond all limits. Difficult to remain indifferent to these images of riders guide their huge herds of cattle to yurts embedded in the dust; white dots like dice thrown on a green carpet. Mongolia deserves. Traveling there requires to prepare. Appropriating this country still unspoiled by mass tourism requires the ability to comply with its rules.

The Mongol horsemen

Mongolians have revered equine gent. Cavaliers at heart, they are as numerous as their mounts (2.5 million sides). The Mongolian horse, short-legged and wearing horsehair crazy, is "wild night, domesticated the day" they say here. It is inseparable from the pastor that evaluates the distances to the standard of its hooves. It is standing up on shoes short stirrups. Its traditional Mongolian saddle, a true work of art, but very small, wood and adorned with silver studs can be very uncomfortable for foreign riders.
Before leaving it is advisable to choose a seat among the fine used saddles Equitack  because once in Mongolia, no hope of selling your horse with a Mongolian saddle!

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