I sell my French horse...

Since childhood, the horse has always been my passion. To ride, care for him is my little guilty pleasure. To date, I continue to admire this animal. So soft, so dynamic, worker and yet so helpful. No animal can be compared to them because they have too many outstanding special features. They never cease to amaze equestrian enthusiasts for their strength and loyalty. Personally, I have many stallions whose Hunter. Hunter is a beautiful stallion 6 years brown. Being of French race saddle and healthy, now, I decided to sell it.

A stallion for sale

Hunter is force-fed and has no locomotion problems or health. It is even to say that it is in perfect condition. As sport horse, it remains fast and unique. All papers on this are in order and to prevent any sale of complications. Hunter has a used french saddles that suits him perfectly. The latter is included in the sale price so that it is immediately operational for your project.

For the welfare of Hunter, I try to find a new owner also passionate horse. I have not actually want this stallion can be put in the hands of someone who can not take care of him. With that, I want to let the new person approaches a little about myself so that I can judge his ability to care for Hunter. I also love that he can find fulfillment in her new home and does not feel too out of society.

Personally, selling Hunter does not in any case that I do not need him. On the contrary, his well-being is my priority. If this horse is for you, so thank you to contact me directly so we can discuss it widely. I actually remains available for any proposal from you. On that note, do not hesitate to connect us to agree to a deal.

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