The best way to restore a used stool

Every object in this world has a very specific life. However, it is possible to push back these limits of a few months or even a few years. In this case, we talk about maintenance or maintenance. It happens however that the object in question loses its performances especially if it is not used. With that, know all about the best methods to restore a used saddle.

Start by cleaning

To have a good start of renovation, it is necessary to start with a good cleaning. This will indeed eliminate dust residues in the corners of the saddle. For this, you will need to get a good glycerine soap designed specifically for saddle leather. A good cleaning requires a good practice. The saddle should be cleaned everywhere, on the top and especially under the saddle areas. To avoid scratches during cleaning, think of wringing well the sponge that will serve all this time. In addition, pay attention to the stitches on the saddle. These are points that break easily. If you can not reach certain areas of the saddle, you can use a soft toothbrush.

Service from the beginning

After rinsing and wiping the saddle with a towel, you can switch to lubrication. It is advisable to use a special balm for the saddle. You can use a sponge or soft cloth to lubricate. However, care must be taken that these materials are clean. You should also avoid applying fat in a thick layer. After that, you will have to leave a time for the freshly embalmed saddle. Once this time has passed, you must apply a second layer of fat on the saddle. Eventually, it is advisable to finish the operation with a massage applied to the leather. This will aim to properly distribute the fat on the one hand, and on the other hand, to feel the places that have received little balm. To maintain the seat, it is advisable to renew the lubrication operation regularly. After that, it is recommended to keep the saddle in a dry and cool place.Do not hesitate to click here to find out more.

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