Do you know Bartabas ?

In equestrian activity, the name of Bartabas is repeated often this is easily explained. You should know that this character has plagued the area for many years now and lives as a squire in exceptional artist. To show its excellence, Bartabas even has its own website where he will share his experience and knowledge about horses.

Bartabas: Excellence in Equine

One called Bartabas is now born as Clement Marty. It is above all a squire, a teacher, a director and a French designer of renown. It is even the founder of the great horse show Zingaro. His expertise has also led subsequently to be the head of the horse show at Versailles. That renowned he received through his years of expertise in the equestrian field. He shared his many experiences on his official website now. However at the level of expertise with the horse, apprehension, understanding or even hardware. It will be noted that Bartabas is a fervent users of antares saddles thanks to its strength and expertise in the field of equestrian accessories. Follow the path and guidance of this virtuous character will take a big step in the riding.

A knowledge and expertise outside the norm

Clement Marty experience begins from his childhood through his particular passion for horses. This led him to develop and grow consistently in the field. It was noted in 1977 thanks to the off festival of Avignon. Of course, it was in 1985 that it will begin its journey equestrian artist with his troop to which he will give the name of the most famous horse in their ranks. These decades deep in the equestrian field make it can now fully understand this field. On his website, he even will monitor and expert advice in all aspects equines. This key, of course, the psychological domain of the horse where it says it is the horse that reveals man to himself and not the opposite.

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