How to decide what kind of saddle to go for?

The saddle is a must-have accessory when practicing horseback riding. It is a tool that is inseparable from this practice to make it much more comfortable and truly safer. Of course, choosing a saddle requires several criteria to be taken into account. Knowing these will then be de rigueur to better understand the choice of the saddle.

The first criterion : the practise

Before going directly into the list of used saddles for sale, you will have to define the discipline that you practice in order to adapt the choice of your saddle. In this context, there are the bardettes which are models addressed to young people and novices in the practice of riding. They are distinguished by their wide and very comfortable seats. For people who are not restricted by a specific discipline and are riding in a versatile way, versatile saddles are a very good alternative. This type is distinguished by its semi-hollow seat and a slightly inclined quarter. For those who are jumping, choose stools with a forward-facing area. This will allow the rider to shorten his stirrups without having his knee protruding. The training saddle with very long quarters will be perfectly adapted to trainers. As for hiking, the outdoor saddle will be the best alternative.

Material and size

After the discipline comes the very design of the saddle. Here, we talk about manufacturing matter at first. At this level you can choose between leather or synthetic material. The advantage of the latter is that it is much lighter and really easy to maintain. It is often enough just a simple sponge to clean them. It is used during any season and has a very reasonable price. Leather stands out for its durability, strength, classical style and elegance. Being a natural material, the riding will be done in a comfortable setting for the rider with a relatively close and pleasant contact for his mount.

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