Selling an appaloosa and his riding equipment

If you are looking for a horse no matter if it's for racing or just to introduce you to riding, we provide you with the sale of an Appaloosa and all its equipment whether the cwd used saddles, the jaw, coverage and others. Quality equipment tailored to your needs and your budget.

A little history on the Appaloosa

The Appaloosa is one of those horses introduced in the US by

conquistadors. Among them, one could see the spotted horses. From about 1700, they arrived in northern Indian territory in the pierced nose tribe. It is this tribe who then developed an expertise on their use but also their selection. The endurance, power and speed were so important. It focused instead colored horses.

It was at the end of the nineteenth century that the name of Appaloosa appeared and is linked to the Palouse River located in the far north west of Idaho. The history of horse people pierced nose was so closely linked to wars that faced the tribe. In 1877, when the Indian leader Chief Joseph was defeated. It was in this period that the horses were caught and were either sold or left in the wild.

The revival of the breed is again provided from the XXth century by enthusiasts in the area. They then were based on the following criteria: their strong bone, their little horsehair, their hardiness and their colorful dress.

The characteristics of the Appaloosa

Currently, one can find two types of Appaloosa whose foundation and the modern. The first is close earlier the Indian model while modern approaches a Quarter Horse. There is also the famous cross between the pure Arab blood and the pure English blood to get Appaloosa having more size and more finesse, ideal for disciplines Hunter.

The Appaloosa is distinguished by its mottled skin around his mouth, genitals, and nostrils. His sclera is very conspicuous and perfectly striped hooves. Her colorful dress is very varied with spots by the singularity of the race while most of them remain solid color.

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